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Week 8 Waiver Wire Pickups

Bill Seng October 25, 2011 6


Knowshon Moreno | 3rd down back | third down back

Photo by Jeffrey Beall


It’s a cycle. A vicious cycle. Remember at the beginning of the year when a fantasy team was riding high with 130 points a game thanks to Kenny Britt, Peyton Hillis, and Andre Johnson? Thanks to injuries, scoring in your 12 team leagues have gone down a lot. Injuries are what dilutes the talent in fantasy football. For example, you don’t see Nate Washington or Damian Williams replicating Kenny Britt’s numbers, right? Fantasy teams who own Andre Johnson are probably missing their first round draft pick and trying to cobble a mismatched lineup during the bye weeks.

That said injuries also provide opportunity. Most of our waiver wire pickup recommendations are the beneficiary of that. We like Roy Helu a lot, but if he’s still there you have to put your first claim on DeMarco Murray. Knowshon Moreno gets perhaps his final chance to prove to John Elway and the NFL, that he is a legitimate starting running back, which makes him the third most intriguing waiver claim.

Running Backs


Roy Helu – Has great combine numbers and had 21 touchdowns in his last two seasons with Nebraska. Now the minuses. Plays for Mike Shanahan, who hates fumblers. Helu Lost 6 out of 9 fumbles in his last two seasons with the Cornhuskers.

DeMarco Murray – We weren’t late to the party. In fact we had him as a pickup last week and even said nice things about him on Sunday Morning. He has a solid skill set and as you can see, has break away ability. If you and the rest of your league are late to the party, pick him up. Still un-owned in roughly 40% of leagues.

Knowshon Moreno – Willis McGahee complimented the talents of Kyle Orton and vertical threat, Brandon Lloyd. However the back that fits the scatter style of Tim Tebow best is Knowshon Moreno. He has good pass receiving skills and is a bit faster than McGahee. This is Moreno’s chance to re-establish himself in the eyes of John Elway and John Fox, as a legit three down back. The ownership for Moreno is currently at 50%, so he’s available in half of fantasy leagues.

LeRod Stephens-Howling – With Beanie Wells out, LeRod Stephens-Howling will be the most productive back for the Cardinals. He is a scat back, but every year seems to make 2 or 3 crazy, big plays. I’m surprised that the Cards don’t involve him more in the passing game to pad Kevin Kolb’s stats and give the befuddled quarterback a strong check down option, sort of a poor man’s Darren Sproles. Probably best to pickup in 14 team or larger leagues.

Michael Bush – With Darren McFadden suffering a sprained foot, Michael Bush could see the starter’s job after the bye. He has the talent of an RB2 if he gets it.



Mike Sims-Walker | fantasy sleeper | pickups

Mike Sims-Walker getting a second chance in Jacksonville.


Wide Receivers


Jabar Gaffney – Pegged as erratic early in his career, Gaffney has found his calling call as a slot receiver. Now with the Redskins, Gaffney will see more action with Santana Moss out for 5-7 weeks. At 6’1, he would also be a decent red zone option. Gaffney only owned in 21% of leagues.

Demaryius Thomas – Didn’t want to put him in our ‘Week 7 Waiver’ post last week, but he winds up in this post, after 3 catches, 27 yards, and one of the clutch Tebow touchdowns. However the best stat for Thomas speculators on Sunday, 10 targets from Tebow. Ten is also the number percent he is owned in leagues. A good follow up claim if you want to make a few roster changes.

Mike Sims-Walker – OK, now that you are done laughing, hear me out. On a team where he knows the offense. On a team where he caught 14 touchdowns combined in the last two seasons. He is still playing for a big money contract. Although, he was extremely quiet last night, you could do worse than this speculative pickup in large leagues.

Tight End


Visanthe Shiancoe – Looked alive with Christian Ponder at quarterback. He caught 4 passes, 45 yards and a score, giving Schiancoe two on the year. Ponder was moving the chains better than McNabb, and he’ll need someone like Schiancoe to emerge in order for that to continue.


  1. DH October 25, 2011 at 11:12 pm -

    What about IDPs and QBs?

  2. JP October 26, 2011 at 8:08 am -

    Do you think that Murray is even available in any leagues. He has been talked about quite a bit before his huge game.

  3. Inside the Redzone staff October 26, 2011 at 8:27 am -

    Just checked Yahoo! and ownership on Murray jumped to 63%. That means he is still un-owned in close to 40% of leagues.

  4. Inside the Redzone staff October 26, 2011 at 8:30 am -

    We’ll look into IDP. For QBs, we should have added a name or two. Sometimes it feels like we are recycling the same guys, Andy Dalton, Sam Bradford, etc.

    Oh, but we did forget a fresh new name. Christian Ponder. For those on byes he has Carolina next. The same Carolina team that let Kevin Kolb and John Beck have solid fantasy games. G’Luck DH!

  5. Alex October 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm -

    Interesting. I can’t understand why DeMarco Murray isn’t owned by a higher percentage of people. It’s clear he’s going to receive the bulk of the carries over Tashard Choice. Another thing to consider is what will Dallas do when Felix Jones gets back? They can’t completely ignore Murray. At the very least, Jones and Murray would split carries after Jones returns, which may not be for a few weeks yet. Dallas is no hurry to bring him back with DeMarco Murray playing so well.

  6. Dan Lehto October 26, 2011 at 10:13 pm -

    Moreno, Stephens-Howling & Helu will not be material in fantasy. There are talks that McGahee will be ready to play this Sunday already. He is a beast. Sorry guys, but just can’t support these as waiver-wire pickups for this week. Like D. Thomas & Gaffney though.